It’s time to be the loudest!

If you manage marketing for a group practice with numerous locations under the same name you can win big by leveraging your advertising dollars.

In this scenario, the dentists in each practice are most likely associates so the management company won’t have the same pushback on how they spend their marketing dollars as they would with partner dentists.

This provides a great opportunity for the group to set up a long-term plan for each practice and then purchase media in advance at a big discount.

What’s the biggest advantage?

Attention. For the solo practice, it’s hard to build up a lot of attention in their community on a consistent basis with a limited budget. They can’t afford to brand themselves like a large group can because it would spread their advertising dollars too thin.

When we work with a group we help them leverage their advertising spend to get:

  • Local sports sponsorships
  • Event marketing
  • Cross-platform promotions with larger businesses in the community
  • Better opportunity for earned media coverage
  • More exposure of a branded name throughout the community
  • More word of mouth
  • One website with more content that leads to higher SEO exposure

In addition, you can usually get deeper discounts by:

  • Managing Pay Per Click through one company at a discount.
  • Having an exclusive SEO provider that works solely with the group for less than what it would cost to hire them full time.
  • Purchasing online, mobile display and retargeting ads directly from the networks so that there are no third-party vendor costs.
  • Purchasing direct mail in bulk to get the costs down to as much as 26 cents a piece.
  • Hit the minimums on sources like Pandora so that you can create large campaigns that cover more relevant people.
  • Videos that can be redistributed for each practice. Helping with SEO, Treatment Planning, and Referrals.
  • Put together billboard campaigns that are usually cost prohibitive depending on location. 
  • Having one brand manager committed to making sure all advertising matches the company brand policies VS each office distributing inconsistent messages.
  • Outsource media buying at a discount so marketing strategy, website updates, graphics changes, and new ads can be produced in a third of the time.

There are numerous ways to leverage your group marketing spend. To learn how we do it and how we can do it for your practice, set-up a no obligation call with me today by scheduling here.

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