About Ben Shaver

My Story

I’m an entrepreneur at heart so I have always been attracted to people that own their own businesses.

I started my first business at 28 and built it into a multi-million-dollar advertising agency during a time people were closing their doors. Ten years later I couldn’t wait to get away from it.

As it grew so did the problems. For me it was management. I enjoyed developing relationships with clients. I enjoyed building a team but managing both was a challenge.

Trying to keep my team motivated and satisfy clients became unenjoyable. I lost the passion for both and sold my company for a lot less than I could have gotten years earlier.

Business Coaching

That’s when I turned to a business coach.

I learned that my biggest issue was that I wasn’t the great leader I thought I was. I was busy working on parts of my business that drained my energy.

I hired people like myself instead of people that were right for the job. I didn’t understand what truly motivated me and what motivated each of my employees and clients.

This was an eye-opening process. As I was working through building my second marketing company I discovered it wasn’t just me doing it wrong, it was the industry.

What Drives Marketing Success

That’s when I realized what was needed. To be successful with building a business I needed to consult business owners that marketing doesn’t bring success. Marketing creates opportunities for success.

A business that has a great foundation will make the most of those marketing opportunities. That starts with great leaders, a well-developed staff, and a brand that brings in the right type of customer.

Now I’m a certified business coach with over 20 years marketing experience. My training combined with real world experience helped me develop the ProFerable™ Business Development Platform.

Be ProFerable™

Its purpose is to help businesses build a professional presence, memorable brand, and client base that thrives on referrals not advertising.

As a coach, my job is to help service-based professionals like doctors, home service providers, consultants, agents, lawyers, managers and anyone else, improve their condition as quickly as possible.

As a coach, I help individuals enhance their self-awareness and use that to become great leaders, hire great teams, and build a brand that generates referrals.

Why Hire Me?

People who hire me usually do so for one of the following reasons:

  1. They have an issue that is holding them back from moving the business forward.
  2. They have an opportunity they wish to capitalize on and want a clear path to success.
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