Run Practices You love

If you love it so will your staff and the people they serve.


Develop Great Leaders

If you coach your associates and employees to success, they will do the same for your patients.

Be Memorable

People don’t care what you do they care why you do it. Make Your Brand Authentic.

Ben Shaver

Business Development Consultant


Business Development Systems

I work with medical, dental and veterinarian practices to help them eliminate the stress they have with organizational structure, leadership, team development and marketing.

If you want to be successful in today’s business climate you need business development.

Your practices need engaged leaders, a motivated team, and strong patient relationships.

I created The ProFerable™ Business Development System to help practices be professional, memorable, and ultimately referable!

Being ProFerable™ Means:

  • Developing a professional presence through leadership coaching and team communication training.
  • Building a memorable brand by developing authentic marketing strategies.
  • Creating an excellent patient experience.
  • Developing a long-term business development platform.

Leadership Coaching

This shouldn’t come as a surprise but successful practices are run by great leaders. Leaders that have a clear vision of success.

Being a great leader isn’t a formula it’s a mindset. It’s a mindset you develop to keep yourself accountable, keep your team motivated, and develop a practice of relationships, not transactions.


Team Communications

If you want your team to share your vision it’s important to keep them motivated. A healthy team is one that knows where they stand with leadership, fellow team members, and their patients.

Implementing communication strategies will help your team stay motivated and create experiences patients want to refer!


Marketing Strategy

Marketing seems to be the catch-all for any business function that brings in new business. It’s actually a sophisticated plan that creates opportunities to grow your practice.

“Marketing is either the greatest investment you will make in your practice growth or the tax you pay for not having a plan.”


What does it mean to be ProFerable™?

If you want to build practices you love, it begins with leadership and ends with people advocating for you.

ProFerable™ is a business development system for medical, dental, and veterinarian practices. Being ProFerable™ means being professional, being memorable, and being referable.

Build the leaders. Build the teams. Build the brand. Then you will have practices built on referrals not advertising.


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