Run a Business You love

If you love it so will your staff and the people they serve.


Develop Great Leaders

If you focus on your employees’ success, they will do the same for your customers.

Be Memorable

People don’t care what you do they care why you do it. Make Your Brand Authentic.

Ben Shaver

Trust Guide

I’m Your Guide To Running A Business People Trust.

If you want to create success in the trust economy you need a guide.

I help business owners, new and experienced, help gain clarity on the parts of their business that are most important. 

Performance Coaching:

  • Developing a professional presence through leadership and team development.
  • Building a memorable brand by developing authentic communication strategies.
  • Creating an excellent customer experience.
  • Building a business you love!

Leadership Coaching

This shouldn’t come as a surprise but successful businesses are run by great leaders. Leaders that have a clear vision of success.

Being a great leader isn’t a formula it’s a mindset. It’s a mindset you develop to keep yourself accountable, keep your team motivated, and develop a business of relationships, not transactions.


Team Communications

Running a business you love means having a committed team that shares your vision.

A healthy team knows where they stand with leadership, fellow team members, and their customers.

Implementing communication strategies will help your team stay motivated and create experiences customers want to refer!



Your brand is the promotion of your shared vision.

Building a memorable brand requires a sophisticated plan that creates opportunities to grow your business.

“Marketing is either the greatest investment you will make in your business growth or the tax you pay for not having an established brand.”


Where would you like to perform better?

If you have a specific need we have programs to solve problems in the following areas:


Hire The Right People

The biggest challenges for most leaders is hiring the right staff. Learn how to effectively do it early and you will save thousands!


Retain Elite Talent

Having a great team can help you grow while not having to work more hours. The hardest part is keeping them long-term. We have solutions.


Organizational Strategy

A good leader has a clear line of command. Organizing roles and responsibilities lets everyone know who is in charge.



It’s a 52 page cheat sheet on how your team behaves and what motivates them to action. It’s the most powerful tool in your business. 


Business Coaching

Hiring a coach is what gets owners from unfulfilled to loving their business. Our coaches are certified to do just that. 


A Powerful Brand

Branding doesn’t just create new customers. It creates internal and external trust that changes transactions into relationships. 


It’s been a pleasure these last ten years working with some great doctors. 

Ben is an irreplaceable member of my team. Four years later he is still looking after my best interests with respect and professionalism.

Dr. Roy Jennings

Ben has been a breath of fresh air. We needed help with our brand and he consistently creates successful strategies that fit our vision.

Dr. Anthony Garofalo

I have a large staff with associates and needed leadership help. I signed on for a year over five years ago! He is an excellent motivator for me and my staff.

Dr. Michael Williams

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