Marketing Consultant

Marketing is either the best investment in the growth of your practice or the tax you pay for not having a plan.

Tools Used:

  • Claritas Research
  • Online and offline surveys as needed.
  • Reference guides.
  • Online and offline technology.
  • ProFerable Marketing Principle™

Marketing Consulting


If your practice is suffering from a significant slow-down due to the COVID-19 virus, let’s spend some time on marketing. For the next several months we will provide a free marketing assessment and a one-hour complimentary consulting session. A $299 value.

If you want to be successful at marketing you have to have a great business development strategy. I love the quote by Simon Simek:

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.”

If you have figured out your vision and feel you have a great team in place that shares that vision then you have set yourself up for success with marketing.

The first thing I tell a prospective client is “Marketing is either the best investment in the growth of your business or the tax you pay for not having a plan.”

A great marketing plan empowers you to test and learn over and over until success is part of what you do everyday. Marketing is the fastest way to referrals. Which in my mind is the lifeblood of any high-end service business. 

My consulting program works in tandem or stand alone with leadership coaching and team optimization.



Typical Marketing Consulting Outcomes

  • An understanding of core marketing principals
  • Demographic profiles to help understand current and emerging markets.
  • Understanding of market limitations.
  • How to establish a unique selling proposition.
  • Content strategy for thought leadership.
  • Options for human and technology sources to help schedule appointments. 
  • Clarity on brand.
  • How to effectively put together budgets based on value.
  • Tools and strategy to develop marketing plans by year and by quarter.
  • How to work with media vendors effectively. 
  • Technology that helps measure and support marketing initiatives.
  • Plan to Increase patient referrals

Typical Consulting Schedule

Program Schedule:
Our program has 8 sections designed to walk you through the process of market research, strategic planning, agency engagement, implementation, and measurement.

Phase 1:  Create your target market.
Phase 2: Define your brand and it’s assets.
Phase 3: Budget strategy.
Phase 4: Content creation and messaging. 
Phase 5: Delivery strategy.
Phase 6: Lead capture and conversion strategy.
Phase 7: Customer experience strategy.
Phase 8: Brand advocacy and referral strategy.

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