Stop watching everyone else’s highlight reel and make your own. 

In the ten years I have been servicing the dental industry  I’ve had the opportunity to work with some pretty great business owners. However, they all didn’t start that way.  The main reason was because of confidence. Whether they had too much or too little it effected their ability to grow their practice.

In dentistry, more so than any other business I have worked with, there is a lot of people promoting their success. In most industries this occurs online but in dentistry it goes much further. There are the doctors being published in magazines, being featured on podcasts, and showing up on video interviews with industry experts.

The Experts

These doctors have positioned themselves as experts in specific parts of dentistry. This may not even be clinical. Look at how many dentists have started consulting practices, software companies, marketing agencies, educational institutions and so many other platforms.

Then there are the online elements. Doctors love to show complex cases and how they solved them. They make it look like their schedule is only filled with implant and cosmetic cases. For some that may be true but that’s the exception not the rule.

Dentists seem to follow other dentists on social media a lot more than other people follow their colleagues in other industries. It’s great to have people you respect and want to emulate, but it can also be dangerous.

Self Promotion

Let’s face it, social media exists for people to display their highlight reel. It’s rare people post about their problems unless they need the sympathy. I like to post about the good things happening in my life. What new things my young daughter is discovering, when I ran a half-marathon, speaking for a group of doctors, celebrating an anniversary, etc.

You’re not going to see me post: “I spoke with a potential client today and they didn’t think they were ready for my services.”  “My daughter vomited at preschool today.” I won’t put any LOLs or OMGs on my posts. I keep it pretty simple and try to keep it positive. Let’s face it, it’s my highlight reel. It allows people to see the great things that are happening to me.

Stop Watching Other People’s Highlight Reel

People respond to positivity based on how great things are in their life. That’s why I think spending too much time on social media may have the adverse effect on your career and your personal life. If you start to see everyone else’s highlight reel you start to feel like you may not be living up to what everyone else is doing.

The problem is that it’s not the same people posting all the time. It’s a combination of people promoting themselves that makes it seem like there is an overabundance of success out there. It makes you ask the question: “Am I successful enough.”

Don’t Question Your Success

I know this is an issue based on the conversations I have with new practice owners. They generally show me examples of how great or popular some other doctor is on social media. They feel they need to be there. When other people are higher in search rankings, have more followers, are voted best dentist for the 15th time, etc. It creates a sense of urgency that “I should have that too. And I should have that right now.”

The reality is that the people you currently serve and will serve will come to you because of you. Forget what those other doctors are doing and do you! I encourage every client I work with to establish their vision of success first and then we work together to create a unique brand that supports that.

This is much more important than running ads, hosting events, getting 10,000 followers or showing up on page one of Google. You brand is what you want your staff and patients to think and feel about you and your practice. Simon Sinek’s book Start With Why demonstrates this the best. The point of the book is that people don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it.  

Create Your Highlight Reel

To create your highlight reel think about your “why.” Create the vision of success for your practice. Develop a great leadership style people respect. Share your vision with your staff and make sure they support it.

You gain trust with your community by being authentic. Once you have created that authenticity start to play around with how you will promote it. It could be online, direct mail, magazine articles or videos. It could be that you are a heavy giver in the community for causes you believe in.

Your Path To Success

Whatever your path to success is make sure you promote it. It’s much more fun to watch someone’s highlight reel when you know where they came from, where they are now and where they’re headed.

Be unique and stick with it. This is what attracts new patients, future staff members, and community support.

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